Cinco Panes we have been working for 2 years, taking care of our relationship with our collaborators in a delicate and fruitful way. In fact, we can say that the best we have are our collaborators.

In the distribution of books we have a nave of more than 1000 square meters where the whole bottom of the best religious publishers can have any book instantly.

Our collaborating workshops in goldsmithery and textiles in Spain, Italy, Peru and Ecuador, have qualified personnel and, like us, live their work as a service to the Church and to the New Evangelization.

The furniture workshops, all installed in Spain, Madrid, Galicia and Asturias workshops CRAFTS avoiding industrialized companies that do not care detail.

We have, working with us, Elena Muñoz of Icons and Cirios. Artisan of the painting, with authorization to translate in Cirios, Tables and murals the paintings and icons that we all know.

All the digital works like Forex, Tarpaulins, Blades, Murals, ect .. leave the workshop of Naranja Estudio de Diseño, settled in Madrid.

The carpet is bought in the original workshops of Italy, thus remaining faithful in the original color and textures.

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