Everything started with calls from a well-known publisher, who invited us to go to the parishes and promote their books among them. In return, they gave us a “commercial gratification” for this impulse to bring the work of publishers to the Christian Communities. We, who sensed that the Providence of the Lord was behind, responded positively to the invitation they made us; but at the same time, we saw a need to reduce costs so that access to the product they invited us to sell would be easier. Trying to economize the purchase of the Communities has been and remains the challenge and the basis of our service, being aware that it is the Lord that makes it possible for us not to fall into the business mindset of the world.
The thing began to complicate us when these parishes asked us, besides goldsmiths’ books, methacrylate furniture, signage and even an elder, encouraged us to restore the Chapel of his Church.

“Do not pile up treasures in the earth, where there are moth and rust to corrode, and thieves who undermine and steal. Rather lay up treasures in heaven, where there is no moth or rust to corrode, nor thieves to undermine and steal. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. “Mt 6, 19-21

This appointment, after a very important moment in our young marriage of encounter with Christ, was the engine of what we now call “Cinco Panes”.


The work was almost done without looking for them, weekly we had to go to the Hacienda to continue registering “headings” in model 037 so that all work was within the Legality.

We could say that we were astonished at how the Lord was leading the project, bearing in mind that our only responsibility was to continue to maintain this “initial spirit” we have learned in the Church not to “profit or enrich ourselves” with signs, objects and books that we we had designed, written or invented and brought to the Community the original model / design without touching it to adulterate it in the least. A well-known and discerning Presbyter asked us: “You guys are a company or brothers who want to do this service” This gave us to think: the first puts the exclusive emphasis on getting the best benefit from the product, the second does not, but it is to which we feel called. For this, we have had the help of older brothers in the faith who have been pointing the way and have shown us the joy of “living like this”, trusting in God.

Below we present this catalog after many of us are invited to do it to visualize in a dignified, comfortable and with the best aesthetic, a summary of the products and services that, to this day, we provide.

An affectionate greeting, La Paz
José María and Carolina

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