Through the paschal mystery of Christ the liturgy generates a “social plastic” that heals the human communities and each person in particular. Jesus Christ acts efficiently through liturgical signs, assembly or symbolic action, and is eminently present in the Eucharist. Through the sensitive signs the invisible action of grace is executed whose effects of sanctification are evident and necessary for the government of the Church and the evangelization of the world.

The Liturgy, indeed, possesses this attribute of “total work” since it integrates all aspects of human life into a unitary whole. It also gives rise to the “new man” of whom St. Paul speaks to us, who is begotten by the Holy Spirit from Heaven. The action of this grace, however, does not annul nature but presupposes and elevates it.


As Hans Urs von Balthasar points out in his work Glory, the Presence of God has manifested itself in history through sensible forms since the nature of the human being is of this nature. The Incarnation of Jesus Christ brings to fulfillment this modality with which God has had to manifest to man through the Beauty.

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